Monthly Archives: December 2014

Void a payment

You can void the manual payment of an invoice by selecting the invoice in accounts, and then the ‘Payments (n)’ button – in blue:    Once in the payments page you can see all of the payments made against that invoice. To void any, select the orange ‘void’ button:   

Waitlist preferences

We’ve added a few additional settings to ensure your waitlists continue to be conveniently managed for you: ‘reservation expiry’, ‘do not disturb’, and ‘notification type’. 1. Reservation expiry¬† This is used when a member is on a waitlist and someone in the class cancels out of it. The reservation expiry specifies the amount of time … Continue reading Waitlist preferences

Text messaging

Test messaging feature You can now text message your members within Influx, and automate text notifications to members on waitlists (for when space becomes available). To turn on this feature, go to the ‘Comms’ section, and select ‘enable it’.   We’ll then automatically give you 10 texts to start you off. Further texts can then … Continue reading Text messaging

Newsletters feature

We’re excited to launch our newsletters feature today. This helps you to keep in contact with your members within Influx.    The following video outlines newsletters, especially three areas: How to write a new newsletter How to add groups of members you wish to communicate with How to send an e-mail to course members Click here … Continue reading Newsletters feature

The ‘late cancel’ button

The ‘late cancel’ When checking members into a class, have you noticed the ‘late cancel’ button?  We recommend you use this button to record a member who cancels late (including after the class has begun), or ‘no shows’. If you do this, then whenever you go back and look at classes you can see who actually … Continue reading The ‘late cancel’ button