While we're pretty busy most of the time building simple to use software, we do take some time out to post updates on new features, our thoughts on the wider health industry, and tell stories of our journey here.

Automation features arrive

Managing communications in your fitness business can be tough. It requires a lot of effort to ensure that alerts and emails are always relevant. That’s the reason behind our push for automations, to bring you a solution that resolves this challenge creating a smoother, more efficient way to engage with your clients.

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2024 Fitness Outlook: How Health Consciousness is growing the Industry

This last 18 months has been a big change for everyone. Through covid we had spent so much time alone and started thinking more about how we connect with others and our world. Now, everyone’s becoming more aware and thoughtful about their choices. There’s a big shift in what people want - they’re all about researching and making smart choices for their health. It’s like the whole world is waking up to how important health really is. It’s no longer just fitness, it’s life.

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Whiteboard visibility improvements

At Influx we’re proud of the flexibility of our solution to adapt to how owners want to run their facilities. From customisable booking, cancellation and availability periods to fine tunable booking rights to waitlist lengths Influx will adapt to you. Now we’ve added some more visibility options around our built in work out tracking with the ability to display to: anyone, memberships only or memberships and passes. Just one more option to customise Influx to your facility’s needs.

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