2024 Fitness Outlook: How Health Consciousness is growing the Industry

This last 18 months has been a big change for everyone. Through covid we had spent so much time alone and started thinking more about how we connect with others and our world. Now, everyone’s becoming more aware and thoughtful about their choices. There’s a big shift in what people want - they’re all about researching and making smart choices for their health. It’s like the whole world is waking up to how important health really is. It’s no longer just fitness, it’s life.

We’ve known this for a while, but now the numbers really show it. There’s been a seismic shift in the data and we’re now seeing this in the figures.

Fitness Industry Financials from around the globe 2023:

🇳🇿NZ: Earnings fell 0.9% to $379M in 2023

  • Reason for decline? Pandemic
  • Gym owners on average are taking home 5.8% after expenses.

🇦🇺Australia: Earnings are down 6.8% to $2.2B in 2023

  • Cause for decline? Pandemic
  • Gym owners on average are taking home 4.0% after expenses.

Great News!

🇬🇧UK: Earnings fell 4.2% to £1.9B in 2022

  • But predicted to rise 6.5% in 2024. Why the increase? Health focus post covid
  • The average gym owner is taking home 16.4% after expenses

🇺🇲USA: Earnings decreased 6.7% to $30.8B in 2022

  • But up 0.6% in 2023. Reason? Balanced health demand post covid
  • Gym owners on average are taking home 11.2% profit.

For fitness entrepreneurs, health consciousness isn’t all salads and squats, It’s a call to innovate, adapt, and align what you offer. The landscape has shifted, and those who move swiftly will capture the rewards.

But how can you be sure you’re on the right track?

Think performance labs and recovery lounges. Offer membership add- on’s such as nutritional workshops, hydration guidance, or even meditation sessions.

As 2023 finishes, one thing has become clear: health consciousness is a deliberate change in lifestyle. For fitness business owners, there are profits to be made here, as evidenced by the data from the UK and USA.

Engage with this movement, and the rewards will follow.

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(Source:IBIS world)