Monthly Archives: February 2016

New media upload feature and image picker for emails

There’s lots of great email tools out in the market with Mailchimp notably jumping to mind. Lots of our clients use this because it’s free and powerful. Whilst the cognitive load might not be that high for people who have used it before, it’s still just another piece of software that staff members need to learn in order to run your fitness business. As such, we’re continuing to evolve our built in email functionality and today we’ve added a nice missing piece of the puzzle, our media manager. Found under Comms>Media you can now upload images for use within our email tool (and we’ve got a few other places in mind to use them too, hush-hush).

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We want you to be on TV!

There’s a nice professional touch to walk into a gym and see a schedule or latest photos on a television on the wall and that’s something we’re working on here with InfluxTv. If you’d like to be involved or just have some ideas, get in touch so we can build the right functionality in from day one. Here’s a teaser:

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Selling passes in InfluxApp

We’re pleased to announce the next evolution in our payment functionality; members can now buy passes directly in our member app (InfluxApp) with their credit card. This is currently utilising our Ezidebit integration but will be expanded to more payment providers as demand dictates. If you have a favourite payment provider you’d like added, let us know to make your vote count.

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Small feature announcements

Everything we do can’t always be a song and dance but we think polishing features is as important as the ground breakers. As such there have been a number of improvements to the TV functionality based on feedback including some renaming so we just refer to them now as “displays ”, theme uploads and many smaller improvements.

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