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  • Booking your members will love
  • Precision planning
  • Course mastery
  • Accounts & Payments
  • Powerful reporting
  • Gym wall TVs

Booking your members will love

Have your members ever told you how easy and even enjoyable they find booking in to class? That's regular feedback we get from members using InfluxApp.

With Influx your members are able to book in to, waitlist or cancel any class within easily configurable timeframes.

Mobile booking your members will love

Precision planning

Utilise Influx's powerful planner to schedule recurring and one-off classes with ease. From any device with internet access you can plan your schedule out to years in advance or just tweak the current week. The power is in your hands to manage your staff and resources.

Precise planning

Course mastery

Do you run blocks of classes that are paid for with a single pass? Use Influx's course functionality to keep on top of your attendees. Email the entire class with one click to keep them up to date on any changes, or gear to bring. Of course each class is pulled into your attendees calendars, like all Influx classes, so they can know exactly where to be from their favourite device.

Accounts & Payments

Do as much or as little as you want with Influx. You can turn off our accounts settings to just utilise our booking and comms functionality if you want. Or turn it on accounts tracking to get invoices, and maybe our payments integration with Ezidebit and to take care of the money and then export your invoices into Xero. We let you choose how you want to run your books.

Accounts, payments & Xero sync

Powerful reporting

If you don't measure it, you can't manage it, so let Influx do all the measuring for you. Use our suite of reports to get the information you need to manage your business to its maximum. From class trends to billing to anniversaries Influx can give you the information you need.

Powerful facility reporting

Attendance and training on TV

With Influx.TV you can show a live view of class attendees on our face board or use the integration with our training functionality to show WODs and lifts, class results and daily leaderboards. Run as many displays as you like and create brandable themes to up the marketing potential of big screens on your wall.

Attendance and training on TV