Monthly Archives: January 2016

Door entry functionality feature

Influx was started to delight Group Fitness business owners and attendees alike and that’s something we continue to improve on every day. However one feature that we constantly get asked for from gyms that do other things than just groupfit, or don’t do groupfit at all is, do you do door entry? Well I’m pleased to announce that as of today we do do door entry.

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Fortnightly option added to planner

We love the evolution of our planner over the years. We’ve added, amended and polished it many times based on the feedback we get from our clients. Today that evolution continues with the addition of the fortnightly recurring class option. To be fair this is a very rare class recurring option but we’ve reached the threshold for action on it and so it’s been delivered. If you run fortnightly classes, or would like to, you can now add those directly in the planner. Just make sure to select the correct first start day to ensure the alternation is the way you want it to be.

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Embeddable forms

A goal of ours at Influx has always been to consolidate the software you need to use in running your fitness business into one, easy to use place. Today we take another step closer to that ambition with the introduction of our embeddable form functionality. This allows you to embed a signup form directly into your website so that potential clients have one less barrier to entry to becoming paying clients. Not only can you embed the signup form but you can also customise it and also create custom forms for any other type of data you may wish to record or collect. This could be as simple as a contact us form, or as detailed as a course feedback form. The limit is with your imagination. So dive into this new feature found in Comms>Forms and let us know what you think!

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