InfluxKiosk update

Influx Kiosk, our member self-service feature for front desks and remote studios, has undergone a complete rebuild in new technology for improved efficiency and performance. Installable on Android and Apple for ease of use you’ll be prompted on Android and need to save it to the home screen on iOs.

Install Influx Kiosk on Android and iOs

Influx Kiosk is customisable allowing you to configure it how you like it. Enable members to check in via search, log in with a password, or a quick card scan using a RFID/barcode reader.

Allow members to self-check into classes, or courses, and view the timetable or class schedule. You’ve got control over these features, including allowing late check-ins if you’ve got members running a tight schedule and always running just a little late.

It’s all about simplicity and convenience for everyone.