Automation features arrive

Managing communications in your fitness business can be tough. It requires a lot of effort to ensure that alerts and emails are always relevant. That’s the reason behind our push for automations, to bring you a solution that resolves this challenge creating a smoother, more efficient way to engage with your clients.

Automations have been developed to be as flexible and personalized as your business. It’s important to us to create software that precisely fits your challenges.

Starting today, everyone can activate automations directly in their account under Settings > Automations in InfluxClub.

Additionally, for those facilities already benefiting from Automations, we’ve rolled out a StaffEmail action and new event triggers: AccountCreated, WaiverSigned, and OnlineSignup. OnlineSignup, in particular, was in high demand, offering a way to automatically engage with clients as they rejoin or purchase more passes.

We’re excited about the potential of automations and look forward to further refining them with innovative ideas.