Embedded functionality upgrade and class list page

Kicking things off in 2024 are significant improvements to your experience with Influx platforms, including the Club, App, Kiosk, Online, and TV interfaces. Redesigned with the latest technology, these updates not only bring speed and responsiveness but a more streamlined approach and therefore enjoyable user experience.

First upgrade is the Embedded and Online functionality.

Included in the new Embed functionality is the class list page. This makes finding and joining classes easier, just like our easy-to-use kiosk. Plus, we’ve added the option for instant drop-in buys, which is great for Yoga and Pilates studios since it aligns perfectly with their typical pass-selling methods. Take a look at the demo classes page to see what we mean.

This strategic update means we can roll out new improvements faster.

What’s next? We’re already getting ready to introduce the new InfluxApp site and InfluxKiosk.