Waitlist preferences

We've added a few additional settings to ensure your waitlists continue to be conveniently managed for you: 'reservation expiry', 'do not disturb', and 'notification type'.

1. Reservation expiry

This is used when a member is on a waitlist and someone in the class cancels out of it. The reservation expiry specifies the amount of time a member has to respond to the offer, before the place in the class is offered to the next member on the waitlist.

Every club can choose one of three settings: aggressive, standard or casual. These give their members a percentage of the remaining time until the class for the member to respond:

(i) Aggressive - 1/3 of the remaining time
(ii) Standard - 1/2 the remaining time
(iii) Casual - 2/3 of the remaining time

This is best explained with an example:

Adam is first on the waitlist for a class at 6.00pm. At noon, another member cancels, so Adam will immediately be sent a text message offering him the spot in the class. If the club settings are on 'standard' then he will have 3 hours (1/2 the remaining time) to respond, before his place is offered to the next person on the waitlist. If the club setting was on 'aggressive', he would receive 2 hours (1/3 of the remaining time). If the setting was on casual, he would have received 4 hours (2/3 of the remaining time).

If there are a lot of members on your waitlists, we recommend the 'aggressive' setting. Otherwise you may like to experiment to see what works best for you and your members.

2. Do not disturb

This is the period when no member will be sent a text message.

Note: the reservation expiry period includes allowance for the 'do not disturb' period. For example, what would happen if club settings prevented members from being sent a text message between midnight and 6am, and someone cancelled for a 8am class at 11pm the night before?

In this example, Influx automatically calculates that there is 3 hours (of non do not disturb time) until the class. It then gives the member an appropriate amount of time to respond.


3. Notification type

At the club level, you can now specify if you would like your members to receive e-mail or text notification when a waitlist space becomes available.

Note: this can not over-ride a member opting out of receiving text messages.


These can all be edited by going:

Settings > Preferences: