How to cancel a class or end a series of classes

 If you wish to cancel a scheduled class in Influx, you have two options: 

  1. Cancel the class (for a one-off change, eg public holiday or sick instructor), or

  2. End the series of scheduled classes (when you want to remove the class permanently from your planner)


Cancel the class (as a one-off)

You can do this by going:

Classes > selecting the class you wish to cancel > Edit > Cancel class


End the series (permanently delete the series of scheduled classes)

To permanently cancel the class, go:

Planner > select the series you wish to end > Edit Series > select the ‘series ends’ date > Save Series

If you do end the series, don’t forget to schedule the new series in the planner! You can do that immediately, and be sure to select the correct ‘series starts’ date.


You can see a guided video on how to cancel a class and end a series here: