While we're pretty busy most of the time building simple to use software, we do take some time out to post updates on new features, our thoughts on the wider health industry, and tell stories of our journey here.

Add trialists from class page

When you use Influx’s embedded timetable on your website or Facebook page you can enable trialists to sign themselves up and book into available trial slots. Sometimes however people walk in off the street or want to change an existing trial booking and so we’ve added the ‘trial’ tab to our add attendee popup on … Continue reading Add trialists from class page

Easier member importer

Whilst not a feature for existing users (unless you’ve bought another business) we’ve bolstered up our member importer to help, especially if you’re bringing in numbers in the thousands, get your members into the easy to use fitness business management tool, Influx! New paging and mass filtering functionality allows you to quickly discard duplicates and … Continue reading Easier member importer

Automations in beta

A feature we’ve quietly working on for sometime now has slipped into production today. This is a big milestone for Influx as it opens up a huge range of possibilities in time savings, efficiency, member engagement and retention which is something we want for all fitness businesses. If you’re interested in automating parts of your … Continue reading Automations in beta

Onhold page for member section

We love feedback because we want to make Influx the simplest and most powerful gym management software there is. So when a client mentioned it could be easier than the reports section to see who was on hold we wholeheartedly agreed and added an “on hold page” to the members section. Now you can easily … Continue reading Onhold page for member section

Signup now available in your kiosk

You can embed our signup form on your website or in your Facebook page but now you can turn it on for your InfluxKiosk with just the tick of a checkbox in your kiosk settings page. Allow new clients to load their own details into Influx from your front desk.

Program header images

There’s never too many chances to make an impact, reinforce your brand or have a little fun so we’ve added program header images to your programs (or class types). Uploading a header image is easy, go to Settings>Programs and select a program where you’ll now see an upload image button. You can scale and crop … Continue reading Program header images

Door entry delete functionality

Sometimes a door entry (or visit) can get recorded in error. You searched for the wrong person or someone swiped themselves in twice after hanging out at the reception desk too long. However it happens you might want to clean that up for accurate record keeping and now you can. Simply select the most recent … Continue reading Door entry delete functionality

Appointment txt and email reminders

It doesn’t matter how important an appointment is, there’s always something that can happen to cause your most diligent client to forget. As such we’ve introduced appointment reminders that will txt or email your client 24 hours before you’re expecting to be seeing them. Minimising missed appointments is great for your clients, your coaches and … Continue reading Appointment txt and email reminders

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