Cloud migration

When Influx started the cloud was still in its infancy. The only mature cloud provider at the time was Amazon Web Services and some of the big names in hosting are now all but forgotten. A lot happens in ten years. When we started we went with tried and true so that we could focus on disrupting the old guard of online fitness business software. Whilst that was a good decision at the time we knew we were missing out each year that went by. Moving hosts is a big process. Businesses depend on Influx to keep their clients happy and their cashflow flowing. We can’t have downtime and the risks on migration are huge so require every contingency covered. Planning takes months, if not a year, as every stage is tested, tried and re-tried.

So it’s exciting to say that its done! With an almost zero downtime migration from one side of the internet to another meaning that not only did nobody notice but we now get all those exciting benefits we’d been missing out on from our legacy provider. We’re very excited about what we can now build into Influx going forward and can’t wait to share these with you.