Per program booking restriction

When offering a range of class types for your members to book, not all classes are necessarily created equal as not all classes cost the same to run. As such often you’ll want to provide a differing booking limit for a class. An example might be 3 visits to a CrossFit group class a week and 1 to a specialise Olympic lifting class. Or 13 visits a month to spin and 1 to and enduro ride class. There’s many different ways facilities might want to restrict a particular class compared to others.

Well now that is an option in Influx!

New option in Influx to add booking limit on a program/class-type

Using the limit box, simply add a number in the limit box. The number needs to be below the total allowance for the membership or pass (or it has no affect) and greater than one. Changing the limit for a class-type/program does not affect booking for other classes.

There’s no need to use the program limit unless you specifically want one program limited so if that’s not something you need, leave it blank and everything will work as it always had with enforcing the overall concession limit.