Inviting your members

If you’ve made a good start to using Influx, you would have already set up your classes, courses, memberships, passes, and added your members.

The next step is to invite your members to start using InfluxApp, the class booking system.

To ensure you are familiar with how it works yourself, we recommend using InfluxApp with your other staff and a few trusted members before inviting everyone to use it.

Below is a template than can be used to communicate with members prior to inviting them within Influx. You may like to send it to all members via email and/or post it on your Facebook page - it’s totally up to you. Feel free also to put it into your own language / style!

Instructions for using InfluxApp (our new booking system)

Hi everyone

As some of you know, we are about to begin using a new booking system from a company called Influx. InfluxApp is an on-line website that allows simple booking of classes.

Shortly you will all receive an e-mail from us inviting you to use InfluxApp. It will prompt you to enter a password, and then you are able to book into our classes for the [period in your settings; eg ‘week ahead’].

If you haven’t received an e-mail from us within [time period], please contact [e-mail/person], as we may not have your correct e-mail address recorded. Every member requires a unique e-mail address to be invited.

Once you have received the e-mail, clicked on the link within it, and entered a password, delete the invite e-mail. From then on you can log into your account at from any device connected to the internet: desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

For ease of access to the booking system, we recommend saving this webpage to your desktop browser, tablet dashboard, or on your smartphone home screen.

For example, instructions on how to save InfluxApp to your smart phone, see this webpage:

Saving InfluxApp to your smart phone:

Cheers, [your name]