November updates

We’ve been busy working on a major feature release with some early adopters and we’re getting close to launching that. In the mean time we’ve worked our way through a number of small feature improvements that have been requested. Take a look at the list to see if they were one of the ones you suggested

  • Pass types now have an allowed visits option - great for making 10-trip types etc
  • You can set a default time for classes when adding them to a course - makes course creation even quicker
  • You can set a default search type when adding members to a class - if you only want to search active members make it your default
  • The member membership page has been completely rewritten with more functionality coming soon - upgrade and downgrade simplicity
  • The member pass page has been rewritten - couldn’t get much easier but it’s much nicer to fit in with the pass type changes
  • Member’s can now update their address via the app - great for making sure their details are up to date.
  • You can now control the format you see dates in by selecting from the language options in your profile - read dates as you want

There are some exciting major features arriving shortly so make sure that if there’s some feature you need that you let us know.