Courses and other improvements

More honing on our popular courses functionality. With users now having large lists of successfully completed courses some have asked for a nice way to filter down the courses dashboard. With this in mind we added a ‘show active/show all’ button to the main list. The default is to only show active courses so if you’re looking for one that has finished you’ll need to ‘show all’ and find it in there.

We’ve also changed the add member search and main member search so that when you’re searching for a fragment of a name, eg ‘le’ you’ll get those people whose first names start with that first, then people whose last names start with that after that and then every one who has that fragment in their name ordered by names after that. This is a nice change as often you either only know a few letters of an unusual name or you want to save time and type as few letters as possible. On the main member search we now also highlight the matching part of members names so it stands out.