While we're pretty busy most of the time building simple to use software, we do take some time out to post updates on new features, our thoughts on the wider health industry, and tell stories of our journey here.

Staff access

Did you know that as an admin of an Influx account, you can access both the Club page and the member booking system, InfluxApp (using the same username/e-mail and password)?

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Embeddable planner

A feature that’s been a popular request is now a reality. If you want to embed your planner into your site you can grab the required HTML snippet from your Planner page. If you need help getting the HTML in the right place just pop us an email, we’re only too happy to help. Most common hosting sites like WordPress have an HTML option. If you’re using the Influx Site functionality then simply click the ‘template’ option to view your page HTML.

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Unannounced downtime

Unfortunately you may have noticed up to 120 seconds of downtime today whilst we restarted our main servers. We’re sorry that we couldn’t give you any warning of this downtime but this was due to a very serious security announcement made today affecting large amounts of servers worldwide which necessitated an immediate server upgrade. We had to make the call that a short unannounced downtime was the lesser of two evils compared to having our server security compromised. We apologise for the inconvenience and trust you understand.

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