Monthly Archives: November 2015

Send email to an entire class

Sometimes you need to get in touch with everyone that’s coming to a specific class, whether to let them know of a new requirement or change in instructor and we’ve just made that as simple as a button press. From the class options menu, you can now just select to email all attendees and edit the message immediately and then send. Done! It’s important to stay connected to your clients and to have an easy way to quickly communicate with them and this is a helpful new option in staying connected.

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Added no show & late cancel report

Member attendance data is critical in understanding how your members are going in trying to achieve their health and fitness goals. This info is also important for meeting the health and fitness goals of your business. Members on unlimited memberships filling up space restricted classes and then no-showing affect your bottom line. As such we want to make it easy to find out who is abusing your resources by consistently no-showing classes and we’ve done this with the no-show report. You can find it Reports>Attendance>No shows & late cancels

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