What members use to access InfluxApp

Do you know what kind of device your members are using to make bookings and record workouts through InfluxApp?

For the three months just been, here are the results across all clubs for all InfluxApp users:

InfluxApp usage InfluxApp usage key

A large majority of members make their bookings using a mobile device.

Why is this important?

The amount of time it takes a member to make a booking or record a workout is a crucial factor in them using InfluxApp (and hence coming to, and engaging at, your gym).

Improving this is something we take very seriously at Influx - we have focused on making member bookings as simple as possible. We’re confident we have the easiest to use member booking system in the world (yes we know, a bold statement!). We’ve seen many, and none come close to how simple it is in InfluxApp to make a booking. We plan to keep this up, as we believe the less barriers and more certainty members have over bookings, the better for members and club owners.

The good news is that there is a simple way to improve this even more: your members can save the ‘app’ to the home-screen of their smartphone.

By eliminating the short period of time it takes to log into InfluxApp, members will find InfluxApp even easier to use.

Do all of your members have InfluxApp saved to their smartphone homescreen?

If not, it may be a good time to remind or show new members how to do this. We’ve made it easy by writing these instructions:

Saving InfluxApp to your smart phone home screen