While we're pretty busy most of the time building simple to use software, we do take some time out to post updates on new features, our thoughts on the wider health industry, and tell stories of our journey here.

Waivers functionality launched

Signing waivers is, depending on your country’s laws, a necessary evil when dealing with client and them gyms separation of responsibilities. As such we’ve designed our waiver system for maximum flexibility. You can enter any text you like, styled to suit your needs with appropriate editable confirmation lines on for the checkbox. As well as this, waivers all require staff approval before they’re classes as accepted. From an in house tablet running InfluxClub you can now navigate to a member’s records, select the waiver requiring a signature and the administrative functions are masked while the member signs on the dotted line, it couldn’t be simpler! You can configure as many or as few waivers as you like depending on your needs. You may have a general waiver for gym use and a seperate one for a nutrition course or an intense training regime.

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All new embeddable timetable

Our current embeddable timetable was getting a bit long in the tooth. It did its job over the years but was merely showing a live timetable, it couldn’t be interacted with. Our new timetable not only looks better, is easier to use, is faster and more configureable, you can also arrange for trial classes to be booked with it! We’ve been quietly working away at our trial functionality and are pleased to include it in this new timetable. If you offer trial classes, make it even easier for potential clients to get a taste of what you can offer them directly within your website.

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Kiosk self-checkin launched

Needing to staff reception at all times is expensive. Even if you already do have fulltime reception staff on, it’s still beneficial to take away the need for them to assist with class checkins. As such, we’ve added the configureable ability for members to check themselves into classes in InfluxKiosk. The options are auto-checkin utilising our RFID and barcode reader functionality or anonymous checkin where they can pick their names from the class list. This means that reception staff can either get on with other less menial work or maybe not even be behind reception at all. Powerful stuff!

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Monitoring member attendance

There are many reasons to analyse a member’s attendance; Maybe they’re not getting the results they’re desiring, maybe they’re in danger of leaving, maybe they’re late cancelling too often or maybe they’re even over-training. What ever the reason is, with Influx, you can jump into more detail about a member’s attendance history including no-shows, late-cancels and plain cancels. Simply click on the ‘more’ button on the attendance box on any member’s profile page. Here you will see, month by month, their attendance in detail and graphed per day.

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Small feature announcements

Everything we do can’t always be a song and dance but we think polishing features is as important as the ground breakers. As such there have been a number of improvements to the TV functionality based on feedback including some renaming so we just refer to them now as “displays”, theme uploads and many smaller improvements.

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Selling passes in InfluxApp

We’re pleased to announce the next evolution in our payment functionality; members can now buy passes directly in our member app (InfluxApp) with their credit card. This is currently utilising our Ezidebit integration but will be expanded to more payment providers as demand dictates. If you have a favourite payment provider you’d like added, let us know to make your vote count.

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We want you to be on TV!

There’s a nice professional touch to walk into a gym and see a schedule or latest photos on a television on the wall and that’s something we’re working on here with InfluxTv. If you’d like to be involved or just have some ideas, get in touch so we can build the right functionality in from day one. Here’s a teaser:

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