While we're pretty busy most of the time building simple to use software, we do take some time out to post updates on new features, our thoughts on the wider health industry, and tell stories of our journey here.

Program header images

There’s never too many chances to make an impact, reinforce your brand or have a little fun so we’ve added program header images to your programs (or class types). Uploading a header image is easy, go to Settings>Programs and select a program where you’ll now see an upload image button. You can scale and crop … Continue reading Program header images

Door entry delete functionality

Sometimes a door entry (or visit) can get recorded in error. You searched for the wrong person or someone swiped themselves in twice after hanging out at the reception desk too long. However it happens you might want to clean that up for accurate record keeping and now you can. Simply select the most recent … Continue reading Door entry delete functionality

Appointment txt and email reminders

It doesn’t matter how important an appointment is, there’s always something that can happen to cause your most diligent client to forget. As such we’ve introduced appointment reminders that will txt or email your client 24 hours before you’re expecting to be seeing them. Minimising missed appointments is great for your clients, your coaches and … Continue reading Appointment txt and email reminders

Whiteboard month view

If you’re using the whiteboard feature for WOD planning and tracking, we’ve just added a month view to make your planning easier. Select any day to add workouts as per the week view or select the week number to jump to a specific week. A great way to get a better feel for your programming.

Recurring classes improvement

We’ve improved the planner for recurring classes. If you want to modify a scheduled class you can now change the start time, duration and location without ending the series. You can also choose to apply other changes to the whole series or future unrun classes.

Branded layouts added to newsletters

Lots of people have liked the templates we added to the system emails and now you can add your own branding to your newsletters by selecting a layout when you create them. Give your emails that extra branded polish they deserve. Uploading a single image can transform the brand impact of your emails.

Embeddable signup form

We’ve just released the ability to embed a signup form on your website to expand on the new embeddable timetable we released last year. You can find it, and how to use it, under Comms>Forms Whilst commonly signing up involves a visit to the gym, many times you want the ability to complete the agreement … Continue reading Embeddable signup form

Waivers functionality launched

Signing waivers is, depending on your country’s laws, a necessary evil when dealing with client and them gyms separation of responsibilities. As such we’ve designed our waiver system for maximum flexibility. You can enter any text you like, styled to suit your needs with appropriate editable confirmation lines on for the checkbox. As well as … Continue reading Waivers functionality launched

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